Present Yourself Online with Authority and Confidence.

Build a Home Studio to Create Professional Videos.

Build, Brand, Sell

  1. Quickly and Easily create your perfect home studio.
  2. Learn the fastest ways to record remarkable videos.
  3. Brand yourself to sell without hesitation.

Home Studio Mastery goes into depth on the following topics

Room Analysis

Help you analyze your room to know exactly where to place your camera, lights, and microphone.

Finding the Perfect Desk

Every desk has a purpose. The desk you use for your studio is like installing the control center for your entire operation.

Personalizing Your Space

Building your studio shows your personality and informs your passions audience what you love to talk about.


Figure out the lighting for your space. Because if the camera cannot see you correctly, your audience cannot either.


The most crucial aspect of your video is the audio. Your audience wants to hear your message. The clearer you are, the better engagement you’ll find.


Cameras are the eyes of the audience. The clearer and sharper you’re seen, the more authority you command. Learn all about cameras in this module.

Dress to Impress

When you show up on camera, yes, you can wear anything. But how you show up also gives you confidence.

Live Streaming

Learn the differences between the streaming software and how to choose the right one for you.

See If You’re Eligible For This Course

Who is this  Course for?
  • People Who Want to Lead their Tribes
    If you’ve already been making video content for a while and have a following, this is just the course for you. 
  • People Who Want to Create Impactful Videos for Their Channels
    If you’ve got an eye for high-quality videos but struggle with using the right techniques to step up your game, then you’re going to love this course. 
  • Coaches and Speakers Who Value The Power of Video
    If you’re a coach or speaker who’s already creating videos on a or showing up on virtual events, have been practicing conversation in front of the camera,
    this course is practically built for you.
Who is this Course  NOT for?
  • People Who Have Zero Experience Making Videos

    If you have zero prior experience in producing videos and creating your own video content, this course is not yet for you.

  • People Looking to Make a Quick Buck

    This isn’t for people who want to make a quick buck because creating videos requires patience, time and experience before you can be comfortable with yourself in front of the camera. 

  • People Looking to Make a Quick Buck

    This isn’t fo

Your Audience Is Dying To See This Masterpiece.

Let’s Build A Perfect Home Studio Together

Hear from our past heroes about their experience with Home Studio Mastery

Andrew Wang

Managing Partner at Runnymede Capital

Andrew Wang has been in the Financial Advisory space for over 20 years with RunnyMede Capital Management. Andrew was able to level-up his studio space by simply utilizing equipment he already owned with the guidance from Junaid to frame his shot, adjust the lighting, add accent lighting and look so good.

Sandra Thompson

Founder of the Ei Evolution CX & EX Consultancy

Junaid not only helped me to setup my home studio, but he also helped me deal with technical issues that arose from the platform. I talk a lot about emotional connection in the world of CX and my experience with Junaid is one of those. I would instantly recommend him, not because of what he knows, but because of who he is, how he comes across and the fact that he had my back.

Meet your instructor

Junaid Ahmed 

Junaid Ahmed is the creator of the Hacks & Hobbies podcast, which enabled him to go on a journey to create this course from first  hand experience. A Filmmaker and Producer of documentaries bringing hollywood film tactics to your home studio

How To Construct A Perfect Home Studio From Scratch

Join the Army & Stand with the Best

Course Description 
This course provides extensive insight into what it takes to set up a home studio and equip yourself with the right gear, considering your space, budget, and video production goals. Never again will you struggle with trivial production errors or low-quality videos, as I’ll guide you along every step of the course on how to figure out what space and equipment will work best for you.
I’ll help you work around technical issues that any beginner tends to face so that by the end of the course, you’ll have all the valuable insight to planning, setting up, and operating your very own home studio.


How long do I have access to the course?


Can I get a refund?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to get their studio built out just the way they want. As well as connect with others that share the passion of building their space.

Will I get support?

Yes, you have access to the community and weekly scheduled office hour calls that you can jump on and ask questions as you build your studio.

What do I get out of this course?

A guide to help you figure out your studio space, the equipment that you may or may not need, and how to get it all configured so you can show up for your audience the best way possible.